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The NZPFU is a key partner with the Fire Service in delivering the Fire Service's strategic vision of reducing the incidence and consequence of fire and to provide a professional response to other emergencies.

NZPFU representatives are based on all career fire stations. There are also 19 Union Locals in the major metropolitan and principal centres where career firefighters are employed.

Jul 23 2015

Part 3 and Part 4 – New Wage Rates

Part 3 and Part 4 – New Wage Rates

The Union can advise that the new Pay Rates and the Back-pay arising out of the Collective Agreement Ratification will be paid on 19th August 2015.

Jul 08 2015

Ballot Declaration - Ratification Ballot

Ballot Declaration - Ratification Ballot

Herewith Declaration of the Ratification Ballot.

A hard copy of this will also be forwarded as a NTM.

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Jun 20 2015

Northern Branch Notice to Members

Northern Branch Notice to Members

The purpose of this notice is to make members within the Branch aware of the meeting timetable for ratification meetings.

Tuesday 23 June
1000hrs: Taupo Station

Wednesday 24 June
1000hrs: Rotorua Station
1300hrs: NTC - Black Watch
1500hrs: NTC - Part 2 staff

Thursday 25 June
0830hrs: Kawerau Station
1300hrs: Tauranga Station

Friday 26 June
0900hrs: Hamilton Station
1330hrs: Northern Communications Centre Auckland

Monday 29 June
1000hrs: Whangarei Station

Tuesday 30 June
1100hrs: Auckland Black Watch - Regional Office Conference Room

Wednesday 1 July
0930hrs: Papatoetoe Station
1130hrs: Avondale Station
1330hrs: Albany Station

Thursday 2 July
1000hrs: Albany Station
1200hrs: Avondale Station
1400hrs: Papatoetoe Station

We ask that if you are aware of any members who are on leave, could you please bring this notice to their attention. If members have any questions prior to their meeting, please feel free to contact either Mike Powell (027) 242 8150 or Boyd Raines (021) 899 108.

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Jun 15 2015

2015 Collective Agreement Settlement

2015 Collective Agreement Settlement

After a number of days of bargaining and extensive work on bench-marking for Part 3 and 4, the Union and the Fire Service are now in a position to refer a Proposed Settlement for your consideration.

1. Pay increases for Part 2 Officers & Firefighters arising out of existing Clause – 3 (that is – arising out of the market data review and already agreed): of

  • 2.62% for Firefighters;
  • 1.2% for Officers (Plus 2.5% continued market rate phase in);
  • A new Pay Structure with 5 steps and the introduction of market related benchmarks for Black Watch (very similar to that applying for Part 2 Officers;
  • Market related benchmarks for Comm. Centres.

2. Implementation of the increased Overtime Rates (as the reduction in short term absences has been achieved) – and as in the 2013 Agreement).

  • For Firefighters:
    1.3 times the standard hourly rate for the first three hours of all overtime worked on a weekday, and before 12pm on a Saturday.
  • 1.3.3 Times the standard hourly rate for all overtime worked in excess of the first three hours, and all overtime worked after 12pm on a Saturday, or any time on a Sunday.
  • 1.5 times the standard hourly rate for all overtime worked on a Public Holiday.

  • For Officers.
    1.2 times the standard hourly rate for the first three hours of all overtime worked on a weekday, and before 12pm on a Saturday.
  • 1.3 times the standard hourly rate – for all overtime worked in excess of the first three hours, and all overtime worked after 12pm on a Saturday, or at any time on a Sunday.
  • 1.5 times the standard hourly rate for all overtime on a Public Holiday.

3. All Pay Rates to be increased by market data review for 2016, 2017 and 2018 (that is a 3 Year Term). The Part 2 pay increases arise out of the existing C.A. and are not part of the Ratification Process.

4. Part 2 Pay Increases will be paid on and from 1 July. The proposed new rates for Part 3 and 4 will be subject to ratification but will be back-dated to 1 July 2015. The ongoing market rate mechanism increases for 2016, 2017, and 2018 are subject to this ratification.

5. Other changes as detailed on the terms of Settlement:

  • Payment of the IFE Allowances – will now specifically apply to Part 3 and 4;
  • Changes for Part 3 relating to Time Banking, Training Courses, and a commitment to provide clear guidance for shift changes;
  • Minor changes to the P.C.A. provisions, particularly relating to practices;
  • I.C.T. – Statement on mobile devices;
  • Updating of costs relating to eye examinations and glasses.
  • Allowances as in Table 1 and Table 8 will increase by 1.91% (average of the pay rate movement).

6. The effect of the Settlement is quite straightforward for those covered by Part 2 (Officers & Firefighters). However, for Part 3 and 4, it is not so straightforward.

Black Watch now has (5 step) pay progression with agreed criteria for progression – these are very closely based on the principles that have applied for 2 years for Station Officers in their first 5 years of appointment. As well, for Black Watch, there is a need for translation onto the new rates/steps.

Prior to Ratification meetings, there will be specific meetings for Part 3 and Part 4 to detail the changes proposed. As well, all Black Watch members will be provided with specific information on their translation onto the new steps and pay rate.

7. There were and are no employer claw-backs proposed and consequently the Settlement includes no changes from the employer.

8. There are a large number of downloads that provide some specific information:


There may well be further information that becomes available and this will be provided before ratification meetings are held.

Meetings will be organized shortly and hopefully will occur over the next 3 weeks, and members will be advised ASAP.

At ratification meetings the Committee will be recommending that you ratify this Proposed Settlement.

Jun 10 2015

Implementation of BA Reference Guide

Implementation of BA Reference Guide

The Union has been involved with the new BA reference guide and the new E Learning package outlined below and supports its implementation.

In order to support the effective training delivery, a number of Regional workshops are being run during June.

There will be up to three facilitators from each area attending these workshops and they will be provided with a common understanding of the key points in the learning package and be able to deliver to members with a consistent approach.

Implementation of BA Reference Guide

The new Breathing Apparatus (BA) Reference Guide is now available on FireNet.

The BA Reference Guide is a best practice document for breathing apparatus in the NZFS and you are required to read and implement the key changes, as soon as possible.

In recognition of the BA Reference Guide being a comprehensive document, the KEY changes relate to:

  • Restricted access / confined space
  • Start up and shut down
  • Air Management
  • Incident Controller / OIC Fire
  • Aerial Appliance entry control
  • Stage two entry control
  • Search procedure
  • BA Rescue techniques
  • Repeaters (for telemetry set wearers only)

A BA electronic learning package will be delivered to all stations and brigades from 9 June, and will support three key areas of change to BA operating procedures. These are:

  • Entry control procedures for the first arriving appliance
  • Breathing Apparatus Emergency Team role
  • New Mayday procedure

Section 3 – Entry Control Procedures, addresses significant changes to operating procedures. To support this learning, facilitated training sessions will be conducted in your Area between June and September.

All operational staff are required to attend a BA training session and consolidate this learning before the new operating procedures go live in your area. Two On Station SMS tasks have been created to support this process:

  1. Facilitated BA e-learning  
  2. BA training package consolidation

The operating procedures in the new BA e-learning package will take effect when outlined by your Area Manager. All areas are required to be using the new procedures by 1 October 2015 at the latest.

The new BA Reference Guide and the support provided for the BA electronic learning package, have been endorsed by the NZPFU and UFBA.

A summary of all changes in the new BA Reference Guide is contained in the link on Fire Net.

Jun 09 2015

PCA Payment

PCA Payment

Attached is the Schedule of P.C.A. Payments to be made.

Payment will be made for Payday 24th June 2015.

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Jun 08 2015

Fire Service Review

Fire Service Review

Available for download is the Fire Service Review Document for your information.

The Union has had discussions with the team that developed this Discussion Document (including Fire Service and Dept. of Internal Affairs Officials).

As well the Union has discussed the Document with the Minister of Internal Affairs.

You will see the Document seeks opinion on a number of questions and on the Options provided.

The Union welcomes comments/opinions from members that will assist the Union in developing its formal response.

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Jun 04 2015

Triennial Elections

Triennial Elections

Union National Committee - Declaration

Following on the calling of Nominations for the Union's National President, Vice President and Secretary, the following were recieved by the closing date.






These people are hereby re-elected unopposed to the positions - Term commencing 1 August 2015.


Jim Ryburn
Acting National Returning Officer

4 June 2015

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Jun 02 2015

Jim Ryburn - Member of NZ Order of Merit

Jim Ryburn - Member of NZ Order of Merit

This year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours acknowledges the endeavour and achievements of Jim Ryburn with the Award of Member of the NZ. Order of Merit.

Jim is a long serving elected official having held positions at a Local and now Branch and National level within the Union – presently as the Secretary of the Southern Branch and consequently, a National Committee Member.

Currently Jim serves as Welfare Support in Region 4.

Jim’s role was established particularly to assist persons in the wake of the Christchurch Earthquake, but his role has expanded to incorporate assistance for persons in other parts of the country.

There can be no doubt Jim’s award is a well-deserved recognition of the very considerable assistance Jim has given to people in real need and often in very traumatic situations.

Congratulations to Jim and his family for all you have done and for the receipt of this recognition of your contributions.

May 28 2015

Collective Bargaining 2015 between NZPFU and NZFS

Collective Bargaining 2015 between NZPFU and NZFS

Joint notice 27 May 2015

NZPFU and NZFS have met for a further two days on Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 May 2015.

Parties talked through a range of matters connected to the bargaining, some of which may form part of a formal settlement of the collective later on. Some of which relate to matters not directly dealt with in the collective agreement, but are associated to the claims raised.

The parties have discussed the workings of the current remuneration review process that was established and recorded in the current collective agreement.

Work has also started on the development of a remuneration framework for Part 3 and Part 4 staff, along similar lines to the work done for Fire Fighters in previous bargaining but taking into account the outcomes of the research and working group established in the last round to consider these areas. The next phase will be to jointly establish appointment and progression criteria for people in these roles, “in principle” subject to the outcome of the wider remuneration review process for the PFU collective agreement.

Also included in discussions were issues relating to the PCA following the outcome of the Working Group established in the last bargaining round to examine the workings and suitability of the current PCA.

The full report of the Working Group will be available in due course, but it can be reported that overall, the PCA has been recognised as broadly fit for purpose in its current form. There is some room for potential improvement as regards the facilities and equipment provided, and in regards the mandate of those conducting the process, particularly vis a vis their wider obligations concerning the safety and wellbeing, or welfare of participants.

It has been confirmed that participation in a practice round is a required component of the PCA, and is compulsory in the year of the PCA itself, prior to undertaking the “official” round. Further, it has been agreed that there should be sufficient opportunity provided for staff to undertake a practice run in the “off year” when the official PCA is not in operation.

In support of this, the parties will consider what equipment should be available in gyms and will undertake an audit of current equipment to ensure it is best matched to the needs of the Fire Fit Programme, which itself will be examined in terms of fitness for purpose given the objectives of the PCA.

Bargaining teams in attendance 25 and 26 May were

Peter Nicolle Hamish More
Derek Best Brett Warwick
Ian Wright Kerry Gregory
Boyd Raines Brendan Nally
Mike Powell Larry Cocker
Greg Lee Chris Wells
Jim Ryburn Richard Dagger
Mike Balmer Bea Goodwin
Brent Single Debbie Moody

Apologies from Steve Turek and Ken Cooper

The bargaining continues next week on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 June.

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