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The NZPFU is a key partner with the Fire Service in delivering the Fire Service's strategic vision of reducing the incidence and consequence of fire and to provide a professional response to other emergencies.

NZPFU representatives are based on all career fire stations. There are also 19 Union Locals in the major metropolitan and principal centres where career firefighters are employed.

May 06 2016

Newsletter to Members - 5 May 2016

Newsletter to Members - 5 May 2016


Further to the information in the last Newsletter.

Both Paul Swain (Chair of the Commission) and Paul Baxter (CE/NC) attended the Union Committee meeting this week to discuss further the Review.

Arising from the discussion, the Union was asked to provide to the Commission key issues that must be address.

Given that almost all the detail is still to be specifically considered and addressed, the Unions key issues relate to the need to develop a detailed road map for progress to include time lines and structure for consultation.

Key personnel need to be appointed and the appropriate working parties established with clear terms of reference and time lines.

The Union were given assurances that we would be properly involved in the development of the Transition.


Further to previous updates the Union has been advised that the Employment Relations Authority has set down 20th June to hear this matter.

Union Compensation Scheme

For some time the Union has been aware that on renewal of the Scheme (as at April 2016) Premiums must increase.

A simple look at 2014 and 2015 results shows that for both years just under $200,000 was collected in Premiums.

Payments for claims in 2014 was $300,000 and in 2015, $400,000.

After going to tender and considerable negotiation the present Insurer (Sovereign) provided the best prices. The quotes were based on the current benefit structure (including total and permanent disability) of $18.97 (an increase of $8.33 per fortnight).

For death benefit only - $14.96 (an increase of $4.32 per fortnight).

In considering the two options, as well as the magnitude of the increase, the Committee were aware that almost all of the claims over the past few years have been death claims.

Consequently the Committee determined to accept the quote for the death cover only. The consequent increase in Premiums will occur in 6 months’ time – 1 September. The increase will be to $14.96 per fortnight.

Wellington Office Manager

Members are advised that Wendy Devenport has been employed as Pam Boyd’s replacement in the Wellington office.

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Apr 29 2016

Newsletter to Members - 29 April 2016

Newsletter to Members - 29 April 2016

Fire Service Review

Today the Minister announced more details on the Review.

The Union was present yesterday at a full brief (along with around 60 others) provided by the Minister and Officials from both the Fire Service and Department of Internal Affairs.

  • New organisation – Fire and Emergency NZ – is expected to formally come into existence on 1 July 2017.

  • The new organisation will merge the New Zealand Fire Service, 38 rural fire authorities and the National Rural Fire Authority.

  • All members will transfer to the new organisation on all existing wages and conditions. There will effectively be no change from 30 June 2017 and 1 July 2017.

  • New funding of $303 million over five years is provided to combine urban and rural fire services.
    • $191 million of operating funding over 3 years is to be spent on present funding gaps – Particularly in the Rural area
    • $112 million will be available to spend on moving to the new organisation.
  • Legislation to effect the change will be introduced within the next three months.

  • A transition committee of the Commission will be established and a Transition Director will be appointed.

    The Union understand a transition office headed by this Director will be established and will have a number of staff. It is further expected there will be significant on-going consultation with the Union over all aspects of detail, with the Transition office.
  • More detailed information is available from

Days in Lieu

The union is advised that the Fire Service has completed the work regarding correcting Leave entitlements and balances will be adjusted shortly. The Fire Service also advised that the work to correct payments will also be completed shortly and payments made.

Please contact the Union if you have any concerns regarding your situation.

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Mar 31 2016

Newsletter to Members - 31 March 2016

Newsletter to Members - 31 March 2016

IFE Payment

The Dispute has been lodged with the Employment Relations Authority. The Union is expecting to be referred in the first instance to mediation.

Alternative Holidays – for working on a Public Holiday

This matter has been referred to in previous Newsletters. The Fire Service are presently working though all those who worked on Public Holidays since Christmas/New Year – particularly when these Holidays were Mondayised.

Given the number involved and the different circumstances that apply (i.e. Call-outs, overtime), this is taking a little time so as to ensure accuracy.

Holiday Pay

Members will have heard in the Media of extensive problems with the payment for Holiday Pay.

The Union has looked at this closely and has had in-depth discussion with our Lawyers, who have spoken with others potentially affected.

You will know that as far as payment for Annual Leave, a Holiday Pay supplement is made (which recognises particularly overtime worked). So, the Union sees that the major problem identified elsewhere, is not an issue for us.

However confused provisions exist in the Holiday Act relating to payments for Public Holidays, Sick Leave and Bereavement Leave. The Union is exploring this further (and also the basis of the Holiday Pay supplement) with our Lawyers and with the Fire Service.

Weekend Penal Rates

The Union is advised that a number of staff at the Three Auckland DHB’s, (e.g. Occupational, Therapists, Sterile Supplies) are facing demands from their Employer to claw back weekend Penal Rates for new Union members.

Such payments are a vital and significant amount that makes up the pay of Firefighters. Therefore it is concerning that a significant employer of shift workers is demanding this claw back. These workers will be taking Strike Action beginning on 8 April at 10.00am outside the Auckland DHB. Given their fight does have potential implications for Firefighters, the Union is sure there striking workers would appreciate support – whether that’s joining their picket or demonstrating solidarity with their cause.

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Mar 04 2016

In Loving Memory of Pam Boyd

In Loving Memory of Pam Boyd

pam boyd 2

The Boyd family would like to thank all at the Union for their support and kind messages for Pam after her untimely passing.

There were so many kind words of support from all around the country, particularly many Local Secretaries. There was also a fabulous presence from the Union at her funeral. Many of you took the time to talk to us and say how much Pam meant to you and the Union. It was so great how important she was and how she played a major part in where the Union is placed today.

Anne Higgins from the Auckland office attended, Pete Nicolle was a pallbearer and Derek Best spoke at Pam’s funeral. Everyone offered wonderful support for the family over this trying time and we thank you all.

Grant & Sam Boyd.

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Mar 03 2016

Newsletter to Members - 3 March 2015

Newsletter to Members - 3 March 2015

Available for download is an agreed notice regarding the treating of how people were paid for Statutory Holidays over Christmas/ New Year and Waitangi day.

The rectification of the error will take more time to complete - accuracy is vital.

Members will be updated on progress being made.

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Feb 22 2016

Newsletter to Members - 22 February 2016

Newsletter to Members - 22 February 2016

5 Year Anniversary – Christchurch Earthquake

Members should and will remember the devastating and tragic events 5 years ago in  Christchurch – lives lost, property destroyed, major trauma and heroic actions by many, including our members, not only in Christchurch but from around the country.            

5 Years on and –

  • members still working out of and living in “temporary accommodation”
  • not one of our Stations rebuilt – in fact not even the Foundations commenced. 

This simply adds to the stress and hardship members in Christchurch face every day.    

Fire Service Senior Managers are well aware of the Unions outrage at the ridiculous length of time to make any progress at all. Local have written directly to Paul Baxter to express this outrage at the delays and strong solidarity with their Christchurch colleagues. Management has been and will continue to be reminded of and pressured to act to rebuild the damaged Christchurch Stations.               

Five years on – and not one Foundation commenced.         

Will it take longer to rebuild one Christchurch Station than it took to defeat Hitler and Nazi Germany? – extraordinary. 

Feb 15 2016

Christchurch Welfare

Christchurch Welfare

We recognise that the earthquakes of the 14th were a major event and understand that for some Christchurch fire fighters and their families this is a difficult time.
The NZPFU is your organisation that exists to provide information and support to its members over a variety of fields one of which is welfare support.
To access this info/support in the first instance please contact Jim Ryburn, Welfare Officer on (03) 372-8617 or (021) 654-184.

Feb 03 2016

Newsletter to Members - 3 February 2016

Newsletter to Members - 3 February 2016

Pam Boyd

Many of you will know that Pam has been ill for some time, Pam worked for over 25 years for the Union as the Office Manager and many of you will have had dealings with her.

I have to report that Pam passed away last night.

The Unions thoughts are with Pam’s family and expression of condolences can be forwarded to Pam’s family:

16 London Street

In no small measure the present strength and success is due to Pam’s contribution over many years.

Overtime on Public Holidays

The fire Service has agreed, after strong representation from the Union, to reinstate long standing agreed procedures for paying for over time worked on a Public Holiday (the Public Holiday at rate plus a Day in Lieu).

Quite why someone in the Fire Service arbitrarily decided to change long standing and agreed processes, particularly with no notice, the Union will pursue further.

It will take a little time to retrospectively recalculate entitlements but this will be done.

IFE Payments

The refusal of the Fire Service to pay the appropriate IFE payments to persons awarded IFE qualification by Recognition of current competency has been referred to the Unions Lawyers, with instruction to file Breach of Agreement proceeding in the Employment Relations Authority.

Latest update on new Health and Safety Legislation

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Dec 21 2015

NTM: Office Closure – Christmas/New Year

NTM: Office Closure – Christmas/New Year

The Union office will be closed from and on 24th December 2015 until 6th January 2016.

If any urgent matters arise over that period, please contact your Local Secretary or a National Committee member.

Wishing all members a Merry Christmas and a successful and prosperous New Year.

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Dec 09 2015

NTM: Health and Safety Legislation Reform

NTM: Health and Safety Legislation Reform

Available for download is the first of several updates (probably monthly) on the upcoming health and safety legislation.

These updates are issued out of the work of the Health and Safety Reform Project. The Union is represented on this Projects Steering Group.

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